Ways to get big fast using super sets

If you’ve been trying to get into lifting weights for a while but have lacked the real motivation to finally go out and do it well, then you need to make some clear goals and then plan to fit it in your day. By setting concrete goals you will be on a good track to get big fast.

If you have indeed been working out but have not seen good enough results and and to grow your muscles more then you may want to consider a special routine for lifting weights called super sets. The super set is a unique routine where you lift weights to isolate one group of muscles, then quickly you move on to a different exercise that targets a similar muscle group in a different way.

It is a great idea to use super sets a couple of times through your work out routine to get big fast. If you are targeting your triceps then a good super set for to do would would be perform dips for about 5-7 reps and then immediately do triceps pull downs to target your triceps. You can do about 5-7 reps of pull downs to complete a nice super-set and you will feel the beneficial burn.

The idea here with a super set is to do one compound exercise and then an isolated exercise. For this example the dips would act as a good compound exercise because you will target your triceps very well but you also will work out your chest and back. Then you switch to the isolate exercise of pull downs where you directly target just your triceps.

When you start to use more super set routines in your workout you will begin to get big fast by building muscles very well and growing your muscles to another degree if you are more experienced already with lifting weights.